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I'm finally back to making the brownies on a regular basis and am going to need some more mixes soon. I love watching people drool over them and desperately try to muster enough will power to say no to a delicious treat! We usually sell out on the days I make them. I'm a "bake from scratch" kind of a girl and I love that we can boast your regional product that simplifies my life. My father n law even started making them for family gatherings!

Barrels and Bins, owner
Driggs, Idaho

In 2014 we had a blast at the farmers market! From figuring out what the market wanted and then selling out each week of our scrumptious baked goods made from our mixes. We easily doubled our sales in 2014 from 2013. It was the best experience and we have you to thank for that.

We had fun meeting you, learning about ourselves, running a business, working on mastering Dutch Oven cooking and working with specialty food products. PMP is going into hibernation to meta-morph into a local food Ag Business. We anticipate that it will be a combination of Pioneer Mountain Pantry and Willow Bend Dairy farm. We are reconnecting to our roots--AGRICULTURE. Please check back in 2016 to see what we have become.

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